Best Smart Home Security Systems

Best Smart Home Security Systems


Tech makes the world go round. Life is easier, safer, and enjoyable because of technological innovations in our homes and workplaces. Smart home security systems utilize cutting-edge technology, including WIFI connectivity, motion detection, and artificial intelligence, to improve protection for your family and property. Coming up is a compilation of the best smart home security systems that every modern home should have. What a wonderful time to be alive!


Smart Outdoor Cameras


Smart outdoor cameras boast motion detection, two-way communication via in-built speakers and microphones, and internet connectivity. If you have had your car vandalized or something stolen from your porch, smart outdoor cameras can prevent that from happening in the future. They send alerts of intrusion to your phone and automatically trigger an alarm.


Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

Vivint is a game-changer brand in outdoor surveillance. You get to explore a full package that includes outdoor cameras, sensors, and doorbell cameras. The brand sweetens the deal with discounts from Liberty Mutual. Buying one of Vivint’s smart home security devices qualifies you for a $100 discount, along with lower insurance premiums.

The company assures that the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro intelligently detects, identifies, and autonomously deters threats. Installing this around your home may help to record and prevent burglary.

The camera records and live-feeds HD and wide-angle pictures quality. This camera only records and sends notifications when it spots people. There is a low risk of false alarms from pets and cars.

You may never miss a thing when you get this smart camera installed. It is designed with a wide 140° field of view. It’ll capture pretty much of everything in your yard.

The camera supports two-way talk. Once you see who is approaching the house, you can talk to them without opening the door. You can tell an intruder to back off.

One other distinctive feature here is what they call true night vision. The system uses infrared LED for night vision, guaranteeing homeowners 24/7 security protection.

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is a wireless camera. It relies on WIFI for recording transmission, alerts, and two-way communication via the app. Installation is a breeze.

Notable features of the Vivint outdoor camera:

  • HD and wide-angle video quality
  • WIFI camera but it also accepts wired internet connection
  • It warns intruders that they have been detected
  • It has night vision capabilities
  • You can control it via the Vivint smart home app


Nest cam IQ security system

Next, Cam IQ is a smart outdoor camera from Google. Its configuration encapsulates cameras, visual recording, and motion sensing. Nest is one of the brands currently endorsed by Liberty Mutual. Customers who buy and install the product qualify for discounts at the point of purchase and lower premiums with the insurance companies for the system’s entire lifespan.

Nest is a brand that changed ownership from Apple to Google. One can expect a highly tech-focused configuration on this camera. For starters, the outdoor camera is entirely wireless and compatible with the AI Google Assistant. That takes perimeter surveillance automation to a whole new level.

The motion-sensing feature in the Nest cameras works via light and sound. When a stranger is passing too close to your home or tries to intrude, the camera will send instant alerts on your phone. There is a dedicated Nest App that gives you control and visibility and an ability to respond to alarms.

Videos are recorded and sent to the Nest Cloud. In case you need evidence to put a perpetrator behind bars a few days after a break-in incident, retrieval is a breeze.

The Nest outdoor camera can see in the dark using infrared. You can rest easy knowing that even in the middle of the night, the camera can spot thieves and burglars and send you an alert.

Additional features of the Nest outdoor camera

  • It uses Wi-Fi and provides 24/7 live video
  • HD video quality 1080p
  • Zoom capabilities
  • Detects motion and sound and alerts you via the app
  • It has an in-built mic and speaker for speaking to visitors before you open the door for them
  • It is weatherproof and easy to install.


Arlo Pro 3 outdoor camera

Travelers, Nationwide, and other home insurance providers now offer great discounts for smart home security products such as the Arlo Pro. Installation and use of the same guarantee you further savings on insurance premiums.

The Arlo Pro 3 comprises of capabilities such as motion sensing, spotlight siren, and night vision. The camera can be installed on your fence, doors, or windows.

In the event of an intrusion, you will get notified in real-time via your mobile device so you can implement a speedy incidence response strategy.

You get to stream and record 2K video quality of your outdoors. The surveillance camera records video at a wide-angle, and together with color night vision, this could make your home a much safer place to live.

Key features of the Arlo Pro surveillance camera

  • Clear 2K video quality
  • Wireless connection
  • Integrated spotlight and motion sensors
  • Color night vision

Compatible with AIs such as Alexa and Google Assistant

Canary home security camera

Like many of its peers, the Canary brand can help you pay lower premiums for your home insurance. The smart camera combines an alarm system with motion sensors.

You get a small and compact contraption, but that doesn’t comprise performance in any way. The Canary smart camera is completely wireless and gives you a complete surveillance system in one device.

The in-built motion detectors can distinguish between people and pets. The camera system works via the Canary smart home app. You get total visibility into your home’s security status along with instant alerts in the event of an intrusion.

The alarm system that’s built in the camera is 90 decibels loud. You can activate it via the Canary app when you get an alert and verify an intrusion. You can also contact the local police right from the app.

Key features to note:

  • The Canary camera combines motion detection and sirens all in one
  • It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistance
  • It connects you to emergency services


Amcrest UltraHD 4K dome camera

The Amcrest UltraHD 4K Dome Camera could be the right smart surveillance installation for your home. It gives you 4K video quality and a horde of other customizable features.

Many smart home cameras are restrictive on how you use them. One must download a specific app, and many times, you cannot even leverage your own local storage. Amcrest gives you total control over the usability of the outdoor camera.

The resolution (video quality) is incomparable. Amcrest camera gives you ultra-high quality 3840×2160 resolution that several times clearer than regular HD. The camera captures crisp videos even in low light conditions using its advanced image sensor and chipset.

Video recording is wide-angle at 112°, which means you can cover your entire yard with only one or two of these cameras.

The Power over Ethernet configuration of this outdoor camera makes installation an easy task. It also eliminates bulky and unsightly cables.

The smart surveillance system comes with a smartphone app—the Amcrest View app. You can get motion sensor alerts on the app. You also get complete playback capabilities for recorded video.

You can record video on a local hard disk or direct it to the Amcrest Cloud remote video storage.

Visibility and surveillance are guaranteed day and night, and even when it snows or rains. Features such as infrared night vision and a sturdy heavy metal housing guarantee 99% uptime with this surveillance system.

You can warn strangers. The Amcrest camera has an inbuilt one-way microphone and speaker. Although not as efficient as two way audio found in Nest and other smart cameras, it can still be a great tool for deterring intrusion.


Smart Fences


Smart fences are increasingly becoming the go-to perimeter security solution. With a smart fence, there is no need to hire a guard. Wherever you are, you will have peace of mind. In the event of any incident, you get the alerts on your devices. What’s more, some smart perimeter security systems can qualify you for low insurance premiums.


Vivint Sensors


The smart home brand has motion detectors that can be used singly or with the outdoor camera. When the sensors detect an intruder, you will get the alerts on your Vivint Smart Home app. This is the app that links all Vivint smart home systems.

The sensors seamlessly integrate with alarm systems to notify you via the app if something is amiss around your home.

You can arm your system and go on a long vacation. Don’t even tell a friend to watch over your home. In the event of an intruder, you will get the alerts via a 24/7 monitoring center. You can reroute these alerts to the police and local security organs.

If you have the Vivint smart camera installed, you will have the intruder’s face clearly captured for evidence and speedy case resolution.


FiberPatrol FP1150


FiberPatrol FP1150 is a fence-mounted sensor system that, apart from safeguarding your home, can qualify you for insurance discounts and low premiums with Farmers, Travelers, and Nationwide. It fits right with their requirements for devices that make a home safer.

This fence comes with total detection capabilities that may significantly elevate the security of your place. It can detect and locate intrusions on your perimeter wall for over distances 80 km per single processor.

You might also be pleased with the accuracy. This fence system narrows down the exact location of intrusions to a +/-4 m radius. The system can detect and respond to multiple and simultaneous intrusions. It reports incidents by cable distance zone number and GPS coordinates.

At first glance, FiberPatrol FP1150 looks just like a regular software-based zoning system. However, it uses fiber optic sensors that don’t need powered items in the field.

This configuration is resilient to electromagnetic interferences and can even be used in hazardous environments.

Each sensor cable has a long service life of 25 years. The unused fiber optic cables can be leveraged in your other applications.

Incidents of cutting, intrusion, or going under and over triggers an alarm. You can use the system to reduce false alerts from environmental noise—the fence monitoring and alert system work via light transmission. The configured fiber optic cables sense intrusion by detecting a reduction in light transmission.

When optical changes are detected, the signal gets generated and evaluated via a processor that can then decide whether to trigger the alarm.


Senstar LM100 Hybrid Perimeter Monitoring & Intelligent Lighting System

Senstar LM100 Hybrid Perimeter Monitoring & Intelligent Lighting System is another product from Senstar, the brand behind FiberPatrol FP1150. LM100 is a system that combines smart lighting and motion sensor technology. You may be able to pay lower premiums with home insurance companies like Progressive and American families by installing a system like this.

Senstar LM100 hybrid perimeter system deters intruders by illuminating the fence line and alerting a security control system. The hybrid perimeter system senses vibrations caused by intrusions such as cutting, climbing over, or going through under the fence.

It leverages a wireless mesh with self-healing capabilities for relaying intrusion information. You also get a configurable, highly localized, and uniform lighting that may supercharge the proficiency of your security cameras enabling recording at a dynamic range.

Installation and maintenance of the Senstar LM100 are relatively easy. It can be used as a standalone smart security fence for your home or commercial property. It also integrates well with smart cameras and video analytics systems.

Features of the Senstar LM100

  • It relies on fiber optic sensors
  • You can combine it with your smart camera system
  • Light comes on intelligently to warn intruders
  • It detects attempts of cutting or going over and under the fence


Bei Security fiber optic perimeter fence

Here you have another smart fence system from a fast-growing smart home brand. This security system can qualify you for insurance discounts with American Family. Installing such smart systems at home gets you 5% off on future premiums. The Bei Security fiber optic fence itself is not a disappointment.

The security system is configured using Fiber Sensors. It features a cutting-edge design for dependable functionality at home and in high-risk commercial facilities and installations and homes. You can mount this smart fence on your existing perimeter wall for a modernized and automated approach to threat detection.

The Bei Security fiber optics fence has a chain link and weld mesh. It can detect attempts of intrusion such as cutting and gong through and under. You can use it as a lone-standing security alarm system or in combination with your outdoor smart cameras.

Features of the Bei Security smart fence system

  • Fiber optic capabilities
  • Full motion detection
  • Triggers an alarm through the Bei System Command Center


Southwest INTREPID™ fence system

Possible insurance discounts with this lulu include Farmers and Nationwide, but that hasn’t been clearly spelled out yet. Generally, smart sensors, smart locks, and security systems are supported and endorsed by these insurance companies because they lead to cost savings on their part too.

The Intrepid perimeter security system detects disturbances and intrusions on radii of up to within 1.1 meters. This system is designed to minimize the risk of false alarms.

The smart fence system relies on software-controlled zoning and patented sensors. Attempts to cut the fence or go through it will set off the alarm. The manufacturers promise that this fence can distinguish between real intrusion and false disturbances from animals and wind.

Unifore solar beam sensor

What you have here is an active infrared sensor kit that can safeguard your perimeter for distances of up to 100 meters. The Unifore Solar Beam Sensor kit consists of a pair of sensors, a transmitter, and a receiver.

You can install this pair anywhere along your perimeter line. The system emits invisible beams between them and detects anyone that passes through the beams. The infrared fencing system is integrable with an alarm system, LCD calibrator, and a wireless receiver.

The Unifore Solar Beam Sensor is designed for energy efficiency and discreetness. It is a low-cost solution, and they say that it can be a much better alternative to the traditional electric fence.

This fence system has a modernized design and the ability to protect your home and alert you in real-time. It can qualify you for home insurance deals. Companies that may offer discounts and lower premiums when you install these sensors include Nationwide, Farmers, and Travelers.

The Unifore Solar Beam Sensor runs on solar power. That leads to a wireless and easy to install design.

A built-in battery gets charged during the day and automatically comes on in low light conditions. A fully charged battery can last for more than two weeks, even in cloudy conditions.

There are lower chances of false alarms with the Unifore Solar Beam Senor. The manufacturer brands this system as ‘pet-immune.’ The multiple infrared beams emitted by the installation can distinguish, in size, a person from a pet.

In the event of an intrusion, the system sets the alarm. This happens when multiple beams are interrupted at the same time. You can also expect unlimited adjustability to sensitivity and response time.

The solution is also engineered with anti-UV housing. This design reduces the risk of UV interference caused by direct exposure to sunlight. The well-designed housing also safeguards the internal components from damage due to vandalism and bad weather.

Door and Window Alarms


Door and window sensors can detect when someone attempts to break into your home via the door or window. The security systems are installed on the frame of the door or window. When the door or window is closed, it forms a complete circuit—attempts to open the door or window by breaking in breaks the circuit and triggers a burglar alarm.

Smart door and window sensors feature in-built smart technology that links the device to a monitoring security hub. This interconnection gives you the ability to receive and respond to mobile notifications when someone opens your windows and doors.


Geeni smart door and window Sensors

The Geeni Smart Door and Window Sensors are operable via WIFI and through a dedicated mobile application. However, you won’t need a hub to activate this system. It can work with reliable efficiency as a standalone smart security system. You get a notification every time the door is opened and closed.

This smart security kit might qualify you for insurance discounts from Farmer, Travelers, and others. Check with your insurer before you buy it.

Its WIFI compatibility is limited to 2.4GHz networks. The smart sensors are easy to install in any doorway. The wireless aspect offers flexibility in placement options.

You can control the sensors from any location. If you have other Geeni Smart Home devices, you can connect and centralize everything via WIFI and the app. You can program functions such as the automatic turning on of lights when a door or window is opened.

The Geeni door and window sensor kit deliver durable performance. The system is battery powered. The manufacturer conveys that the included battery can serve you reliably for up to 2-years.

Key features of the Geeni door and window sensor kit:

  • Doesn’t require a hub. All you need is the app.
  • The sensors utilize wireless communication.
  • Sends alerts and notifications via the app
  • Not compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa


SmartThings multipurpose sensors


SmartThings is a leading brand in smart home security and lifestyle products.

The Multi-Purpose Sensor detects when someone opens or closes your doors and windows. Apart from that, this system can also detect vibrations and sudden temperature changes.

You can expect insurance deals from Travelers and Liberty mutual, among other providers, when you buy and install the SmartThings multipurpose sensor.

This sensor kit gives you two-in-one protection; burglary protection and fire detection. The SmartThings sensor operates wirelessly via the SmartThings Hub. If yours is a vast property, all you need to do to attain wide scope coverage is installing a range extender.

Sensors must be installed at about 50 meters apart for smoother communication with the SmartThings Hub.

The best features to note:

  • Long battery life
  • Temperature and vibration detection
  • Wireless and operated via the hub


iSmart Alarm sensor

iSmartAlarm entryway and window sensor utilizes remote WIFI relays to “talk” to other savvy gadgets in your home so you’ll get fewer false alerts. It can link to different gadgets up to 320 feet away and sends a notification when it recognizes an unauthorized entry.

This sensor is anything but difficult to install. Once installed, it can easily be moved around the house as well. Installation is as easy as fixing it on your window or door frames using two-sided tape.

The iSmartAlarm contact sensor works well with a set-up of other motion detectors and surveillance cameras. Buying and installing this motion sensor kit in your home can earn you reduced insurance premiums with providers such as Liberty Mutual and Progressive.

Key features to note:

  • The motion sensors are compatibility with iSmartAlarm devices
  • It works over wireless connections
  • You get instant alerts in the event of an intrusion
  • It is movable


Saber Elite

The Saber Elite entryway and window sensors may not have many smart features and frills, but it scores high on budget-friendliness. With a system like this, you can save up to $240 annually in insurance premiums if you have a policy with American Family or Travelers.

This contact sensor doesn’t use an app or WIFI like the others seen earlier. However, there are some impressive features here that can elevate the security of your home.

The Saber contact sensor has a programmable four-digit board that keeps gatecrashers from impairing or turning them off. The blasting alarm that lets out is as high as 120 dB, which will probably be audible to security organs far from your home.

If you want something quieter, you can calibrate the alarm’s volume to chime or silent mode. We suggest installing this in far-reaching places like storage areas or the garage. You won’t get app notifications, but you won’t fail to hear the alarm when it’s triggered.

Key features to note:

  • Loud alarm
  • Wireless installation
  • Keypad door minimizes chances of accidental activation

Low battery indicator

Doberman door & window mini alarm

The Doberman Security Door and Window Mini Alarm is durable and highly versatile. It fits on any entryway or window with a simple strip and-stick design.

It works efficiently, alarming you of potential break-ins or when somebody enters your home or office.

You stand to get significant discounts with your home insurance provider when you install this alarm system.

The Doberman Mini Alarm is feature-packed. A switch on the top enables you to choose between setting off a loud alarm, a chime, or disabling the alarm audibility all together.

On the default setting, the Doberman Mini Alarm will sound the alarm for 30 seconds after the entryway is opened before stopping. This alarm is 100 decibels loud.

In case you’re at home, the chime setting may be all that you need. It will beep twice when it recognizes that the door has been opened. Ensure that the sensor is sufficiently close to the magnet: if the magnet and sensor are far apart, the alarm won’t work.


Smart Locks

The best smart locks can boost security and convenience in the operability of doors at home. They’ll send a warning to your smartphone any time someone attempts to break in. These systems are also integrable with other smart home security gadgets, for example, video doorbells, surveillance cameras, and motion detectors.


August smart lock pro


The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is compact and looks less bulky on your door. It now comes with an in-built WIFI capability. You can expect seamless connectivity with your app and other smart security systems.

This door lock is among the many smart security systems endorsed by home insurance companies. Check with your provider whether you qualify for discounts and lower premiums when you buy this.

What you can expect with the August Pro is a straightforward installation procedure. There is also a DoorSense feature that informs you when your entryway is left open. You will also enjoy seamless interoperability with AIs like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Xfinity.

This smart lock connects to your WIFI system and gives you remote control capabilities via the app.


Schlage Encode

If an intruder attempts to mess with your lock, this door lock lets out a loud siren. The Schlage Encode is a top recommendation if you seek something smart, sleek, and dependable. Its alarm is loud and hard to miss.

It is a perfect combination of a keypad, manual, and remote-controlled door lock system. It works well with the Amazon Key service, which permits an Amazon delivery guy to open the door and place your ordered items inside and then lock it when they leave.

Amazon Key requires a compatible surveillance camera, so costs may be a bit higher with this door lock. You might, however, appreciate that this lock is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. It plays nice with other devices in a smart home system

Nest X Yale

This is a lollapalooza collaboration between Nest and Yale. You can command Google Assistant to lock or open the door for you from the comfort of your seat or bed.

The Nest X Yale is a perfectly designed lock that works seamlessly with other Nest security systems. You might fall in love with its simplistic design. However, this is a touchpad design that doesn’t use a physical key.

Many smart locks work well with Google Assistant, yet the Nest X Yale gives you the smoothest experience. Beware, though, that this security system is not compatible with Alexa.

Nest smart security devices such as this will guarantee you discounted insurance premiums with Liberty Mutual and others.

Key features to note:

  • Easy installation
  • Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity
  • Smart home compatibility


Wyze smart lock


The Wyze brand needs no introduction. They are famous for quality and affordable smart home security systems, including cameras, lights, and sensors. This here is a smart lock with WIFi/ Bluetooth connectivity and Android/iOS compatibility.

The Wyze keen lock is easy to install, and it syncs well with Wyze’s other smart home devices. It is designed to fit behind the door. It eliminates the need for the latch and deadbolt lock. The compact lock is battery-powered, and it features an LED indicator light. It connects to WIFI via a WIFI gateway and Bluetooth.

Once connected, you can control the door lock via the same app for the Wyze cameras and lights. The Wyze app is simple to use. You can lock or open the door via the app, and you also get notifications when someone enters or leaves.

Need to save costs, deter intruders, and sleep better at night? Get yourself one of these smart home security systems.

When you are finished installing your home security system don’t forget to check with your insurance company to see if they offer smart home insurance breaks.