What Are the Best Smart Fence Options in 2020 2

What Are the Best Smart Fence Options in 2020

Smart fences do the legwork in perimeter security. They save your time and money and give you peace of mind. Smart home devices such as these are the road to the future. They are even endorsed by insurers and may, therefore, bag you great home insurance discounts. But don’t base your purchase on insurance discounts alone, scrutinize their full capabilities before you whip out your card.

Let’s jump straight to the best smart fence options making headlines in 2020

1. Vivint Smart Home System: Discounts with Liberty Mutual

Vivint has brought a full package of home and perimeter security to the game. They have products from the cloud (via the app) to motions sensors and camera devices. The other impressive thing is their discount deal with Liberty Mutual.

Liberty has sweetened the deal with $100 off on motion detectors and sensors from this brand. It’s also possible that by purchasing these products, you will get Liberty Mutual’s “Protective Devices Discounts” on your insurance premiums.

What are the capabilities of the Vivint Smart Home System?

The company has many smart home devices, but on the perimeter security front, they focus on cameras and sensors. The outdoor security cameras are HD infrared with an ability to record clear, sharp images in all lighting conditions.

The Vivint sensors, on the other hand, don’t focus on fences alone. Instead, these are set to notify you when your door or window is open. They integrate with an alarm system that routes to a monitoring station for prompt responses.

One thing that gives Vivint Home System a distinction in the market is its private cloud and home app. Users can centralize the control of all their smart home devices (from the brand) with the Vivint Smart Home Cloud. The app lets homeowners undertake monitoring and log review on the go.

2. Nexlen InnoFence: In bed with Liberty Mutual

Are you looking to score some impactful home insurance discounts? Nexlen, a smart home security company, has a deal with Liberty Mutual for its smart devices.

You are guaranteed $100 off on specified devices plus the possibility for further discounts on your home insurance premiums with Liberty. The Nexlen InnoFence is on many people’s radar this year as a possible solution to perimeter security challenges.

What are the features of Inno4445457554647547Fence?

It’s a ‘fiber fence’ with complete detection capabilities. Its branded as a low maintenance smart fence system that also gives users the ability to customize colors and appearance. The smart electric fence has a low power consumption rate of 2W per km.

From a distance, the InnoFence looks just like any other fence. However, it uses discreet fiber optic sensors to effect intrusion detection. The system comes prefabricated in modules between 3.9 and 9.8ft and can be mounted on your regular fence or wall. Attempts of intrusion, cutting, or tampering trigger an alarm.

The fence’s detection and alarm system work through light transmission. The fiber optic cables in it sense a reduction in light transmission. A signal is generated and gets evaluated by a processor that decides whether to turn on the alarm or ignore it. The company stresses the fact that this smart fence system triggers fewer cases of false alarms.

3. Nest Outdoor Security System: Discounts with Liberty

What Nest brings to the table with regards to outdoor and perimeter security are cameras and motion sensors. The company has an insurance deal with Liberty life that guarantees you great discounts at the point of purchase for its smart home devices. You might also be able to pay lower premiums for your home insurance (with Liberty) if you install the Nest Cameras.

What’s on a Nest Camera?

From Apple (founder) to Google (current owner), Nest has big guns behind it in the field of technology. The Nest outdoor cameras, perhaps unsurprisingly, boast smart offerings like motion sensing and Google assistant. That could translate to reliable perimeter surveillance with limitless capabilities for automation.

The motion detection feature of the Nest cameras works based on light and sound. If a stranger is treading too close or attempting to breach your fence, you can expect instant notifications on your phone. Yes, the outdoor camera system works via the Nest app. And it also sends video streams to the Nest cloud (Google Servers) for your future retrieval.

These are infrared cameras that can be your reliable eyes in the dark. Their night vision range is a neat 20 feet, and video can be recorded in black and white. The impressive thing here is that these cameras are self-adjusting. They automatically switch to night vision at night and back to normal during the day.

4. Bei Security Fiber Optic Perimeter Security System: Possible Insurance Deal with American Family Insurance

Bei Security has the kind of smart fence system that can qualify you for American Family’s 5% discount on premiums. The insurer is among the many offering great discounts to homeowners that take a step to make their homes safer and energy-efficient through smart systems.

What are the features of the Bei Security smart fence?

The system is made of Fibernet and Fiber Sensors. They have designed it for top functionality in high-risk installations and homes. You can mount the smart fence system to your wall or any existing perimeter barrier.

This smart fence comprises a chain link with barbed wire or weld mesh. It can be used as a freestanding barrier or installed on brick wall palisades. The system has reportedly undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it has the lowest risk of false alarms. You can also expect high probability detection and tremendous cost savings per kilometer of installation.

Other worthwhile features on this system include weather resistance and resilience to RFI and EMI. The fence triggers an alarm if there are attempts to climb over it, crawl under it, cut it, or lift it. The detection and alarm system works via the Bei System Command Center. The Bei SCC may help with speedy incidence response from security organs.

5. Southwest INTREPID™ fence detection systems: Possible Deal with Farmers

The Southwest INTREPID™ fence detection systems could qualify you for insurance premium discounts with Farmers. The insurance company offers low rates on premiums for homeowners that install motion sensors, cameras, smart locks, and wireless security systems.

What are the features of Southwest INTREPID™ fence detection systems?

The perimeter solution can detect disturbances or intrusion to within 1.1 meters (3.6 ft.) with little risk for false alarms. The systems rely on the patented INTREPID™ intelligent sensors. The alarm goes off when there are attempts to cut or go through the fence. The company states that the system is smart enough to ignore disturbances from wind, rain, and natural causes.

The system uses software-controlled zoning. With that, you can select specific hotspots along the cable as your alarm zones and thus reduce hardware requirements and costs. Sensitivity Leveling™ capabilities make it possible to calibrate the level of detection all along the fence line.

The company has three smart fence systems in this line, all featuring unique sensor configurations and network integrations. These include:

  • INTREPID™ MicroPoint™ II
  • INTREPID MicroNet™ II
  • INTREPID™ UniZone™


6. Verdad Security Perimeter Solar-power infrared beams burglar alarm: Possible Discounts with Nationwide

This perimeter fence solution might earn you great discounts if you get your home insurance policy from Nationwide. Smart fence systems, smoke detectors, and burglar alarms are some of the installations they endorse for homeowners to enhance the safety and security of their homes.

How does the Solar Powered Infrared Burglar Alarm work?

The system casts infrared beams across your perimeter then detects anyone or anything trying to pass through the beam areas. This system is integrated with an alarm system, 3 solar-powered beams, a beam detector, a wireless receiver, and an LCD calibrator.

Installation is made easy. The smart fence does not require wiring. The built-in solar panels work with lithium-ion batteries to guarantee 24/7 uptime in the functioning of the system. You install by mounting the transmitters 300 ft. apart on your property. Place the HB-MFR receiver within 1500 feet of the transmitters, and your detection system will go live.

The manufacturer recommends installing the receivers at a height so squirrels or similar animals don’t trigger the alarm. A discreet installation is possible with this system. The intruders won’t know that an alarm has gone off, until when they are caught red-handed.

7. Wyze Cam with Wyze Sense Starter Kit: Guaranteed Deal with Travellers

Travelers have a deal with Amazon (owners of Wyze) to provide its policyholders with great discounts on smart home kits such as this one. On top of that, you get a free Amazon Echo Dot and additional opportunities to save on your insurance premiums.

The insurer’s deal applies to all smart appliances from Amazon that help to mitigate theft, fires, and water damage at homes. As such, the products covered include cameras and motion sensors, temperature monitoring sensors, and water leak sensors. You are guaranteed discounts of up to $42 with the Wyze Cam with Wyze Sense Starter Kit.

How does the Wyze System Work?

This kit comprises of the Wyze smart Cam V2 and motion sensors to level up the security of your home. The sensors can be installed on doors and windows, and you will get notified of intrusion attempts via the Wyze app. You can then verify by checking the video feed from your camera and decide your best move.

This kit covers an area of up to 26 ft. The video surveillance makes it easy to determine whether it is a false alarm or a real security threat. You can also review video and motion sensor logs at a later date.

What’s the Best Smart Fence Security System of 2020?

A smart fence is any perimeter security system that makes use of video surveillance, motion sensors, and communication technology to alarm owners and improve the security of a home. There are many brands and models in the market leveraging different technologies for these kits. Some use fiber optic sensors and cameras with sensors, while others use infrared sensors, thermal imagers, or sonar technology.

The choice of your system should be informed by features, customizability, user-friendliness, and affordability. If you are looking to save on insurance with smart fences, start your search with the above guide.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]