The Complete Pet Owner’s Guide to Home Automation

Busy pet owners who are detained at work or have unpredictable schedules might rely on a friend, relative, or neighbor in an emergency to look in on our pets. Making sure they are fed, watered, or walked until we could get home can be a constant worry while you are away. Automation comes to the rescue. We can now rely on many specially designed smart home products to make sure our pets’ needs are met. Note that many of these devices are also practical for when you are at home too.

Smart home products for pets can help meet their needs.

Below are some examples of currently available smart home products that are helpful for people and pets who must be apart for several hours at a time.  In some instances, these devices can also be fun, practical, and labor-saving even while you are home. Feeding your pets can be easily automated. Some dogs gulp down all the food that is placed before them at once. For those accustomed to eating two or more times in 24 hours, you will need a system that measures and dispenses the exact amount of food at a predesignated time. Cats usually prefer to eat only when they are hungry. Their feeding systems should dispense food in smaller quantities to ensure freshness. Studies have shown that more, smaller portions are healthier. With these dispensers, you can program three meals at specific intervals during the day.

PetSafe Smart Pet Feeder

Out of all the feeders we have tested this one is our favorite. It has a great feature set and works pretty consistently.  It’s a little on the expensive side but in my opinion worth the cost if feeding your pets is something you need the ability to do from anywhere. This pet feeder works from your phone or by Alexa commands and will alert you when the food is low.  It’s not terribly loud like some of the feeders we tested. We had a bad experience with a few others that actually scared the dogs so much they wouldn’t eat from them. It’s also compatible with Amazon dash.


The slow feed is too slow. If that’s the feature you are looking for I would not recommend this product. Some people reported connection problems with the Wi-Fi. Although I did not personally experience this, you may want to set up the schedule as a backup if you are going out of town

Petsafe Water Dispenser

Although this water dispensor doesnt have any smart home features we found that it’s still the best one. With three different sizes you can get one for any size pet and the price is pretty reasonable. You can find the chart showing how often you can expect to refill based on the dog size and which water dispenser you choose. With a BPA-free plastic container and stainless steel drinking bowl you can be sure that this water dispenser is safe and hygienic.  It’s easy to clean and re-assemble and is dishwasher safe.


This pet water dispenser really doesn’t have any smart features to speak of. The reason we recommended it anyways is the smart dispensers just didn’t really work for us. If we find one that we like better we will update this recommendation.


Tracking your pets’ movement and exercise level, whether you are home or away, should be a priority. As with humans, a lack of exercise can cause health problems and shorten their lifespan. If your pets are not reaching their preset exercise plateaus, you will need to make sure they get up and go.

Whistle Go Explore Health and Location Tracker

This is a fantastic product which can provide you with very helpful health data about your pet. As a bonus it comes with a GPS pet tracker. This product offers great value for the price and we highly recommend it for every active pet owner.

What we like about the Whistle Go Explore

  1. You can set up escape alerts that will notify you if your pet gets out of their safe space
  2. Actively monitors your pets exercise and provides useful analytics to help you manage your pets health
  3. Recommends activity levels based on breed, age and weight


  1. This products does require a monthly subscription
  2. Battery life is only 20 days
If you are looking for a health tracker without the monthly subscription and a longer battery life check out the Fitbark 2 Dog Activity Monitor


PlayDate is a remote-controlled ball that lets you play with your pet from a remote location.
  • The ball is Wi-Fi enabled
  • The ball contains a high-resolution camera so you can watch the action from the ball’s perspective
  • 2-Way audio systems, so you can praise your pet as you listen to him/her play and pant
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Durable and safe
  • Compatible with Android and iOS systems


  • CleverPet is a device that delivers sound, light, and touch signals that engages your pet for as long as you like. The device tests their cognitive abilities and was designed by a team of PhDs.
  • Test the pet’s skills at memory, logic, and commands
  • Dispenses treat rewards for success
  • Easy to clean and non-slip
  • You may access the CleverPet from a remote location with your smartphone to see how the pet has fared, how many treats he/she has earned, and change or schedule different games.

Automatic Laser Toy

  • For cats or dogs, the device projects laser beams for your pet’s entertainment
  • Programmable for multiple speed settings and times
  • 16 play patterns
  • Battery-powered

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

  • When the cat leaves the littler box, the device separates the waste from the clean litter
  • Waste is dumped into a bag-lined carbon filter drawer
  • You receive a notification when the carbon filter drawer is full
  • Comes with a night light

Secure Doggie Door

  • A high-tech pet door that only opens when your dog is entering and leaving
  • Electronic chip triggers worn on the pet’s collar triggers the door as the dog comes near
  • The door uses an automatic deadbolt when activated
  • Airtight seal when closed

PetSafe SmartDoor

  • Electronic SmartDoor allows your pet pass without allowing other unwanted animals or objects to enter
  • Detects the collar-attached SmartKey attached and opens automatically as the pet comes near the door
  • After the pet leaves or enters, the door then re-locks
  • Can be programmed with up to five SmartKey in case you have more
  • You can disarm and lock the door when you want your pets to stay inside or out

Secure Doggie Door

  • Self-cleaning, automated litter box
  • “Flushes” like a toilet
  • Litter system washes, sanitizes and dries the box to leave it germ and odor-free
  • No more scooping
  • Connects to your bath or laundry room water system
  • Electric-powered


iCalm Cat and iCalm Dog

  • iCalm Cat or iCalm Dog are speakers that play music and sounds that have been laboratory-tested to relieve stress in cats and dogs while you are away.
  • Approximately the size of a tennis ball
  • Devices can be preprogrammed to play what and when you choose
  • can also be used to calm the pet in other situations like at the groomer or veterinarian.


Fit Bark Activity Monitor

  • In addition to tracking how much exercise your pet is getting, the device also tracks when he/she travels beyond a predesignated “safe zone.”
  • Will immediately alert you via a smartphone message that the animal has left the safe zone

Whistle GPS Tracker

  • Monitors activity levels, sleep patterns, and movement
  • The hi-tech tracker identifies your pet’s location if he/she escapes.
  • You access a “Whistle Map” that pinpoints precisely where your dog is through GPS.
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Compatible with iOS and Android

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

  • Uses GPS to keep you informed of the dog’s location
  • Measures activity levels
  • Recommends whether the pet’s activity should be increased for better health
  • Maintains veterinarian levels
  • Equipped with a light, as needed

PetCube Camera

  • Multiple apps to check on your pet’s condition and whereabouts
  • Two-way audio lets the pet hear your voice while you listen to the sounds that your dog or cat is making
  • iOS and Android compatible and connects to Wi-Fi
  • Built-in laser toy for play

Wuf Smart Collar

  • Collar has GPS tracking accessible to your smartphone
  • You can create an invisible fence or leash that sends corrections as the dog reaches the perimeter of the pre-programmed area
  • Health tracking
  • Two-way audio communication

GoPro Fetch with Harness

  • A dog-mounted camera that allows you to see what your pet is seeing
  • Mounted on the dog’s back or chest
  • Adjustable for weights 15 lbs to 120 lbs
  • Padded for comfort
  • Quick-release
  • Washable harness
  • Viewable through your smartphone, tablet, or computer

Comtech Electronic Scat Mat

  • Keeps your pet off the furniture
  • Sends mild electrical impulse for correction
  • Adjustable impulse strength for larger animals

Peace of Mind

Most of these devices are useful and practical even for the times when you are home. These products can improve your quality of life while making your pets happier and more secure. There is nothing better than spending time with your pets. When you must be away, however, keeping someone on call in case of emergencies is a good idea. But being able to observe your pets throughout the day, making sure they are fed and exercised, and knowing they are doing well will reduce the guilt of being away. Most of these devices are useful and practical even for the times when you are home. These products can improve your quality of life while making your pets happier and more secure. Learn more about smart home ideas