What is the best front door lock for your smart home?

Installing the best front door lock to your abode is about security and safety benefits. You get to protect your loved ones. We might not leave our homes nowadays, but a top-quality front door lock is a significant venture.

A smart front door lock will always alert you when the door is locked or not. You need to connect the lock to your home devices such as cameras, video doorbells, and security systems. Some smart locks use Bluetooth for you to lock or unlock remotely. You have to pair it with a mobile app to control it or else a voice.

When you lock that door, a signal is sent to your security devices as an alert to be armed just in case something mysterious happens. Incredible, right?

Luckily, these locks will offer security, convenience, peace of mind, and automation to smart homeowners.

Therefore, if you want to ditch those old-school keys and bring your front door online, we are about to take you on a shopping spree to check out the best front door lock for your smart home.

Below is the outline:

August Wi-Fi Smart Front Door Lock

Wi-Fi Smart Front Door Lock

This smart lock offers a simple solution to your smart home. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock has Wi-Fi built into the smart lock design. Therefore, no need to purchase a connect module for internet access. Nothing beats the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. It is attached to your current deadbolt inside your smart front door; thus, installation should take less than ten minutes.

For it to function, you have first to download the intuitive App. This App will help you control your front door lock from anywhere you are and share access with others.

Besides, the August Wi-Fi smart lock can be programmed to open or close as you approach your smart home automatically.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is 45% smaller as compared to previous August designs. It has a seamless integration with google assistant, Siri, Apple home kit, and Alexa as voice control that will assist in double-checking if the door is locked or not. This smart device will allow you to get endless user codes and access. You will have notifications on everything that takes place at your door lock.

This comfortable and hub-free installation lock device has an add-in known as August Doorbell Cam Pro that helps you interact with people visiting and allow them inside your smart home via the August App.

Schlage Encode Front Door Lock

Schlage Encode Front Door Lock

When it comes to top-notch protection, Schlage Encode will take the trophy home. Despite being on the list of the most expensive front door locks for smart homes, it delivers both security and convenience.

It is a keyless front door lock that offers the best maximum security you could ever consider in your smart home. Most people have rated it highly, and it has numerous success stories in most homes.

In case a malicious person is trying to break in or tamper with that door lock, Schlage encode will blow up and release an earsplitting siren. It is the best pick for lock doors with alarm, and it offers a great deterrent.

It has the right combination of keycode, manual, and remote-controlled door lock. Schlage Encode has an incredible feature that supports the Amazon Key service. This service helps an Amazon delivery guy access your smart home and ensure your package is sitting inside your house.

This feature needs a compatible security camera that will cost you an extra charge. Just like the August smart lock, the Schlage encode works well with Google Assistant and Alexa to easily integrate with your smart home devices. Unfortunately, it does not support Apple’s HomeKit.

Yale Assure SL Touchscreen Deadbolt Front Door Lock

Deadbolt Front Door Lock

Yale SL Touchscreen Deadbolt has a sleek design with a touchscreen keypad that offers a great appeal on every front door of a smart home. Also, it is minimal in size. It supports numerous smart homes, thus making it the best front door lock available.

The Yale Assure keyless lock has incorporated Amazon, Google Home, Alexa, and HomeKit to help you control it via your smartphone. You can either use Android phones or the best iPhones.

The Assure SL has a beautiful, well-designed door lock that can be installed easily. It lacks a manual key option; therefore, you are either using an app, keycode, or nothing.

In cases where the battery goes off, you can temporarily boost the Yale touchscreen deadbolt by its 9v battery found underneath your keypad.

Kwikset Halo Door Lock.

Kwikset Halo Door Lock

The Kwikset Halo front door lock system is a Wi-Fi version of the Kwikset Aura device that uses Bluetooth. However, a Halo is more expensive and has a very little battery life span.

Wyze Front Door Lock.

Wyze Front Door Lock

The Wyze Lock is among the best front door locks that are attached to your current deadlock. This connection makes installation very easy.

As compared to the August Wi-Fi smart lock, the Wyze door lock is more affordable. Its affordability makes it the best option for those who rent apartments. However, homeowners who are on budget can also jump into the Wyze front door lock bandwagon and appreciate its functionality.

Wyze’s door locks features include auto-unlock and auto-lock settings that use hands-free control and shared-access abilities and the auto-lock and auto-unlock settings for hands-free control.

This lock is very efficient since it can be programmed to alarm if the door stays open for a given period. However, the most significant tradeoff with this Wyze door lock in a smart home is that it has limited integration: Although it works well with Google Assistant, Alexa cannot be an excellent option for most people.

U-Bolt Pro Smart Front Door Lock

U-Bolt Pro Smart Front Door Lock

Nowadays, fingerprint technology is becoming more ubiquitous. Ultraloq has taken this advantage and incorporated this scanning technology into smart door locks for most fashionable homes. Basically, with U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock, you are required only to press your thumb against the biometric-enabled keypad for the door to unlock. It is effortless and straightforward.

It has more pros since you can unlock your front door using the keypad code, smartphone app, or use voice control through Alexa or Google Assistant to unlock the door. Also, you can use a standard key to access your smart home.

The locking device has an addon that helps you get total control of your front door lock. You will spend extra cash to purchase a Wi-Fi adaptor. However, for most locks, this adaptor is packed at no fee.

One caveat about U-Bolt Pro is incompatible with Samsung SmartThings and Apple Homekit.

Sense Schlage Door Lock.

Sense Schlage Door Lock

As the name suggests, Sense Schlage can be described to be a no-nonsense, smart lock device. It is rated high on reliability and functionality. We might have mentioned sleeker smart front door locks with awe-inspiring and attractive features, but Sense has created a significant impact on a great number of people.

It has a simple and straightforward set-up and installation: a built-in alarm and an extremely intuitive app.

The Sense Schlage is hugely proficient at voice control, with Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. The only worry is a tad expensive due to its design.

Kwikset Aura Door Lock

Kwikset Aura Door Lock

Kwikset is one of the famous names that come when dealing with home locks. Kwikset Aura is a Bluetooth lock that combines high-tech capabilities with the look of their conventional keypad locks.

In case you want to unlock or lock your front door via the App, the Kwikset Aura lock has to pair your smartphone to its Bluetooth to function. Unlike Kwikset Kevo, which unlocks by only tapping on the lock, unlocking using Aura is not seamless. However, it is convenient for most people.

It is so disappointing that Aura doesn’t have remote access since the Bluetooth lock does not connect to the Wi-Fi. To lock or unlock, you have to be closer to your smart home’s front door lock. For this reason, its price is slashed into half as compared to other Wi-Fi smart locks.

Here are the final thoughts on the best front door lock for your smart home.

In conclusion, we have seen that deadbolts and door locks will offer different convenience and security levels. We have also realized that not all front door locks are smart locks. They come in various selections, for instance, keyless option, fingerprint scan technology option, Bluetooth options, lock that will use the existing deadbolt, and finally complete replacement deadbolt locks.

These front door locks are the most trusted, reliable, efficient, appealing, and in the first line to offer maximum defense to your loved one and smart home.

With the best locks for smart homes, they are crucial since they add a little more convenience to your life on a daily routine.

An easy and fast solution to go for when your hands are full, and you need to reach out for your door keys.

More so, they save you the time to visit hardware if you lose your door key to duplicate a key for your housemate and have to rush home to let in people to your house.

We have the most affordable devices and straightforward, DIY home security systems that will upgrade your house to a smart home in a fast and concise way.

Note that the insurance companies are also taking note of these smart locks’ benefits that protect our homes. They have rewarded a few people for installing smart home safety and security devices.

Don’t be left out in this advanced technology that is safeguarding the lives of many people. Please stick with us for easy access for a little longer for a better and convenient best front door lock for your smart home.