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What Are The Best Smart Office Devices | Building Smart Cribs

What are the Best Smart Devices for the Office

What are the Best Smart Devices for the Office?

Several forecasts project the smart office devices to grow at a CAGR of 12.98% between 2020 -2025 to reach 55.2 billion by 2025. This data shows how more companies, small and large, appreciate the role these devices play in improving productivity.

There are so many options and devices in the market covering numerous niches, including;

  • Energy management systems
  • Smart lighting
  • Audio-video conferencing systems
  • Security and access control systems
  • Document processing and sharing
  • Multi-location management

According to some estimates, 20.4 billion smart devices were used in 2020, a significant jump from 8.4 billion devices in 2017. Here are the best smart devices for the office you should invest in to avoid being left behind in this evolving office landscape.

​Virtual assistant smart speakers

All the smart devices in the office need a hub for control, and you need to be able to access all of them individually from where you are seated. Unfortunately, most connected devices do not have a keyboard, making voice the future for control. There are plenty of things a virtual assistant can serve, all of which increase your productivity.

Virtual assistants can provide information on a subject, arrange meetings, control the other devices, control calendars, and receive and make calls at a voice’s command. These devices allow you to multitask with efficiency, and they learn your business operations for seamless functioning.

At the moment, Amazon’s Alexa for business is in the lead with an elaborate environment, including Amazon Echo. Google, IBM, and even Microsoft’s Cortana are expected to catch up soon.


Air quality control


Air quality is an integral part of comfort and good health at the workplace. Poor ventilation and humidity control can cause dust mites, increase allergens, and the risk of respiratory diseases. Office equipment like photocopiers and printers and cleaning detergents are all potential pollutants of the office air.

Smart air quality control devices will monitor the air in your office for temperature, humidity, volatile organic compounds, and more. They will alert you when to open office windows, and some come with inbuilt air purification systems. Some of the leading devices here include Dyson’s Pure Cool, Airboxlab Foobot, and Elgato Eve Wireless Room.


Smart Plugs


Energy consumption is a significant concern in the workplace. However, with many devices plugged in, from heaters to lamps and personal computers, it is impossible to track them. This is where smart plugs prove helpful. They provide you with remote control of all the plugged-in devices so that you can switch them on and off from your phone.

You can also set the schedules for different devices setting when they turn on and off. Better yet, smart plugs allow you to keep track of the energy consumption for each device and the resulting costs. With this information, you can budget and identify opportunities for cutting your energy expenditure.


Smart note-taking


Note-taking can be cumbersome when stuck with pen and paper or limited to typing on a notepad. Whether it is in meetings or your own individual brainstorming session, listening to a video, or conducting research, effective note-taking increases productivity. You also want to store the notes safely and easily access them whenever you need them.

Several ingenious devices offer you the feel of writing using pen and paper while storing your notes on the cloud immediately you send them. There are several options in this niche, depending on your needs.

However, the Livescribe family of devices like Livescribe Echo, Livescribe Dot paper, and Livescribe 3 offer the most convenience. You can take notes and record audio simultaneously and sync this to your desktop and other devices.


Smart timekeeper


How you spend time determines how productive you end up being and eventually your bottom line. A smart time tracker helps you identify how you spend your time and which areas you need to improve. For autonomous workers like freelancers, it provides you a way to better track your hours and cut the time spent filling timesheets.

The two leading options are Timular’s ZEI timekeeper and the TimeFlip2. They all feature twelve sides, where you assign different tasks and flip to the side whose task you are performing.


A portable dual monitor


More screens allow you to have more windows open and keep track of several tasks at once. A dual monitor helps you improve your productivity without being limited to the desktop setups. A portable monitor uses a USB cable plugged into your laptop to provide you with the extra screen you need even when out of the office.


A Smart desk


Smart desks initially seemed to be indulgent until their benefits both to productivity and health became apparent. They allow a smooth transition from sitting to standing positions, all the while maintaining your focus and healthy circulation.


Multi-device keyboard


Modern-day office spaces leave you handling multiple devices, and a single keyboard for all of them is a priceless resource. There are several wireless multi-device keyboards, including the Logitech K380 and Keychron K2. These keyboards enable you to switch easily from typing documents on the PC to answering a message or an email on your phone or tablet.




Adopting these and other smart devices at your office allows you to leverage technology opportunities to improve your productivity. It also improves your efficiency and increases security and safety. Smart devices also create a healthy and less stressful work environment and also cuts down your energy costs.