Latest Smart Home Tech from CES

The CES annual trade show always put on a dazzling display of the most innovative solutions hitting the shelves. Smart Home Tech has become a huge market in the tech industry that creates a big splash every year.

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CES revealed a wide variety of new home solutions that will catch your eye and make your life at home easier, safer, more comfortable, and innovative. Here are some top picks:

  • GuRu’s Wireless Home Charging Robot
  • Resideo Honeywell Home M5 Series
  • Hachi Puppy Cube Infinite Projector
  • Hue Outdoor Lighting
  • Samsung Bot Chef

It is exciting marketing filled with innovation, and CES always features the best of the best in all categories


The future of smart home technology has exploded over the past few years and will continue to do so. According to IDC, the smart home global market is expected to grow from 2019 – 2023 by 16.9% in the number of devices shipped. The industry understands the need for all types of innovation. The latest inventions to be shown at CES range from safety to convenience to lighting to entertainment to downright fun and silly.

While there are dozens of different innovations we could discuss, this list will cover a few of our favorites and offer some other highlights from the show.

Homes continue to get smarter, safer, and more efficient every day. Whether you’re in the market for making your home smarter, or you love keeping up with the latest trends and inventions coming out of tech, CES is a playground of innovation.


GuRu has developed a home charging unit, unlike many of the other ample options coming out of this category. GuRu CEO, Florian Bohn, showed this unit off in great depth. It charges multiple devices from across the room through its receiver and does so with plenty of power. As Florian Bohn said, “this is not a trickle charge.”

This unique device will be able to charge your smart home devices and sensors throughout the home, reducing wires and cords and ensuring your devices will always have a proper charge.

GuRu even says that it uses radio frequencies that are already in the air, which helps keep this device as healthy for your environment as it is useful.


Smart thermostats not only add an aesthetic flair to your home, but they also make your life easier while saving you money and helping the planet.


This Resideo model gives you the look of a 1950’s retro thermostat. Inside, however, the digital aspects have 2020 technology.

The retro-style comes from the original 1953 original Honeywell thermostat and differentiates it from many other smart thermostats that go fully futuristic in design. Inside that classic design, they have packed in a variety of smart features.
Aside from standard thermostat features for temperature control, it also monitors:

  • Indoor air quality
  • Water leaks
  • Security

There are warning lights that also connect to your phone, so you are alerted when an issue is detected. And with full accessibility from your mobile phone and smart settings for auto-off options, you will ensure you aren’t overusing heat or AC. This will, obviously, help save money on your electric bill and let you leave a smaller carbon footprint.


As much as it may sound like a cubed toy for your puppy to chase around the house, it’s not a toy, although tech lovers might think a projector screen that works like a touch screen is a toy.

This short-throw projector not only allows you to turn any flat surface into a projector screen, but it also turns the surface into a touch screen. This is the type of innovation we saw imagined years ago in TV and Film that we marveled at, saying, “Can you even imagine if that was real?”

The Puppy Cube runs off a customized version of Android OS and is compatible with most Android apps. It projects 4k content at up to 100 inches when only 20 inches away from the wall or surface.

  • Work presentations
  • Gaming
  • Showing off your pictures and videos
  • Watching streaming content

It also includes AirPlay, DLNA, Miracast, Bluetooth, and an HDMI port for accessibility and screen sharing capabilities.


Phillips outdid themselves at CES this year by unveiling three new types of outdoor lighting. Although this outdoor lighting series has been available since 2018, Phillips has added more options in styles and capabilities with the launch of these new three models:

Econic Pedestal Light:
Their small pathway light, perfect for gardens and lining walkways around your property – retailing for $129.99

Lily XL Spotlight:
The larger version of the existing Lily spotlight to provide spotlights for safety around your yard or accenting areas of your landscape – retailing for $139.99

Appear Wall Fixture:
A cylindrical model with color-changing lights that emit a prism of light that shines either up or down from the unit. This is a perfect piece to add some flare to your outdoor lighting sets – retailing for $139.99

All three options include Bluetooth and do not require the use of a Hue Hub for accessibility. This allows you to control each set of lights fully through your phone.


If you’ve always dreamed of living in an episode of The Jetsons, this robot chef is as close as you will get. At CES, these innovative robotic arms whipped up salads for passerby to enjoy.

This Bot Chef cooks on-demand using computer vision algorithms and AI. It can look through cabinets for the ingredients needed, toss everything into a pan, mix everything, and present you with your fully made meal.

At CES the Bot prepared sesame tofu salads and showed off some of the other 25 salad recipes it has preprogrammed. While the human had the task of chopping any of the fresh ingredients, the Bot did the rest – calculating measurements, mixing, and sorting ingredients.

These two robot arms hang from the bottom of a kitchen cabinet and are capable of six degrees of freedom. The arms each have four main joints and three fingers for adding smaller variations of spices or grabbing kitchen utensils.

With voice commands and an incredible ability to adapt, it can also learn new skills on the fly. If you ask it to do something that it has not been programmed for, it will ask you for help and the option to download further skills.

Here are some other top Smart Home products that debuted at CES:


The latest Smart Home Technology to explode out of CES has taken the tech world by storm and is well on its way to being an interactive piece of your efficiently designed smart home. Keep an eye out for release dates from each company throughout the year for products that have not yet been launched for the public.

Whether you love nerding out over these amazing products or you’re ready to fill your home with them, CES offered an incredible display and range of Smart Home Technology this year.