What Can You Do with a Smart Home in 2020? 15 Ideas That Really Work

What can you do with a smart home in 2020? 15 Ideas That Really Work


The older you grow, the more willing you are to pay for comfort and convenience, and getting the smart home upgrade may be precisely what you need. Smart home upgrades will make your life easier and way more fun.

Some, if not most of the smart home devices are expensive. But after the purchase, the devices will impress you with how much they have to offer.

From efficient light bulbs to robot cleaners and smart thermostats. Here are some of the smart home ideas you can incorporate into your home upgrade, and they really work;


1. Smart light bulbs


Upgrading your lighting system is popular now than ever before. Installing smart light bulbs is easy. No professional help is required. You can control the lighting in your house with a simple touch on your phone. You can control the amount of light and adjust it to fit your current mood. Lighting complements your house, and smart bulbs take it to a whole other level.

Prices of the smart bulbs have come as low as $10 or lower. The bulb can be a white LED or colored to illuminate your liking color but are more expensive. You can switch the lights on and off even when you are away from the house.

The most popular brands in the market include;

  • Philips Hue
  • Zigbee brand
  • Amazon echo plus
  • Second-generation amazon echo show


2. Smart Garage Door Opener


You don’t have to panic while you are at work wondering whether you closed your garage or not because now there is a better way to ensure your garage door is locked no matter where you are. Get yourself the smart garage door controller gadget that is attached to the garage door. The controls of the device are via an App or voice command. The apps are available for download to your phone or other devices.

Smart garage door opener will open your garage door as you patiently wait in your car, and if you are not patient enough to sit and wait, you can drive to an open garage door. Most smart garage door openers are readily available in the market and are compatible with most garage doors.


3. Smart Refrigerators


It is normal to frequently forget to buy some items when they get replenished in your fridge, and you only remember when you open the door. There is a way to keep track of what is required and when. Smart refrigerators are the way to go.

The smart fridges are equipped with a touch screen interface and can connect to the internet. You can access the fridge information via your phone or tablet even when you are away from home.

The smart refrigerators have cool features that will straight up, wow you. Below are some of the things worth taking note of;

  • You can upload photos and display them on the fridge.
  • You can use the whiteboard feature to leave a message or write a message you need to remember.
  • The fridge will compile your grocery list and sync it to you on your smartphone.
  • You can look up recipes display them on the fridge to easily follow them while cooking.
  • Smart fridges can monitor temperature and alert if there are any fluctuations, ensuring the food stays good and fresh.
  • The smart fridge will monitor the expiry date of the items stored and advise you to consume them before they go bad.


4. Robotic Floor Cleaner


The upgrades to the robotic floor vacuums are designed to perform cleaning tasks and reduce your cleaning workload. Cleaning all around the house seems easy until you have to perform the task yourself and understand how tiring it can be. Robotic floor vacuums might be the upgrade needed to change your life.

The gadget can perform tasks like suction and cleaning on the bare floor or low pile carpet. The bot can navigate corners with ease and clean multiple rooms. Some of the robotic cleaners have the vacuum or the mop, and others have the mop vacuum combo.

Several of the floor cleaning bots are available in the market like;

  • iRobot Braava jet m6
  • Samsung Jetbot Robotic cleans.
  • Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid
  • Ecovacs OZMO T8 AIVI


5. iDevices Kitchen Thermometer


There is a better and improved way to monitor the temperature changes while your dishes cook instead of hovering in the kitchen till the food is ready. The kitchen thermometer will monitor your food as it cooks and alerts you when it’s ready.

This smart home idea will come in handy while cooking during thanksgiving or Christmas; you won’t have to keep peeking out on the oven to see if everything is cooking as it should be.

The kitchen thermometer allows you to cook several meals simultaneously without having any dish messed up. The gadget has Bluetooth connectivity allowing it to sync to your phone, laptop, or tablet. The device can easily sit on countertops and has magnetic properties hence mountable on the oven.


6. Smart Lock


Smart lock is the new and upgraded form of security to install in your home. The smart lock can be installed whether on your own home or even a rental it doesn’t matter. A smart lock will allow you to monitor who comes to your house and goes in your absence. The devices are easy to install, use the internet, and are linked to your phone, tablet, or laptop as an app.

It will allow you to open and close your door with a simple voice command, icon tap, or fingerprint. You can choose who else can bypass the smart lock with changes in the settings. Different brands have different features and vary in cost, pick the lock that is best for your home. Some of the smart lock devices available in the market include;

  • August Wi-Fi smart lock
  • Ultraloq U-Bolt pro
  • Schlage sense
  • Nest X Yale lock
  • Wyze lock
  • Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi smart lock
  • Lockly Vision doorbell camera smart lock


7. Smart Thermostat


This smart device will allow you to monitor and regulate your house’s temperature and air condition with your phone. The smart thermostat connects to the internet, meaning voice commands like Alexa and Siri can control them.

Smart devices will keep the temperatures just as you like and adjust to weather and climate change without adjusting it. It can switch to away temperatures while you are out and normal when you are back home.

The smart thermostat will conserve energy when you are not home, both Eco friendly and pocket friendly. There are several types of smart thermostats available in the market, and each is more impressive than the other.

Choose one that fits your house perfectly and give it the smart home upgrade you are looking for. Some of the devices available are;

  • Ecobee3 Lite
  • Ecobee Smart thermostat
  • Emerson Sensi
  • Honeywell lyric T5
  • Lux Geo
  • Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Johnson Controls GLAS


8. Smart Pet Feeder


Automatic pet feeders are such a lifesaver because we are prone to forget and sometimes forget to feed our pets as human beings. The smart pet feeder is designed to feed the pet for you. It can dispense a certain amount of food at a specific time as you program it.

You will set up your pets’ customized feeding routine depending on age, weight, and activity. The device will record you calling the pet to come and eat at the set time. The device is ideal for travelers and those working away from home. The device is not in charge of your pet, so don’t leave the pet unattended.


9. Smart Home Vent


The smart home vent is a fantastic feature to add to your house for maximum air cooling and heating. The normal vent system is expensive and will still have some imperfections despite the high cost. The smart home vents are smart enough to communicate with each other for maximum results.

The wireless control will allow you to use your smartphone to auto-balance. It regulates airflow to the rooms that are too hot, too cold, or not in use. The Keen Home smart vent is the most common in the market and is available on Amazon at about $80.


10. Nest Cam


The Nest Cam is an easy home upgrade to install. The device can be set up indoors and act as a security camera. The Nest cam has both video and audio properties. The feed from the camera will be saved straight to your phone or tablet.

The camera will record all the time, day and night, and save the cloud data if you need to re-watch it. You can monitor what is happening inside the house even while you are away. The features of the nest cam include;

  • Night vision
  • Audio and videos recording properties
  • Has artificial intelligence
  • Can detect motion at 10feet
  • Uses a rechargeable battery


11. Smart smoke detector


Normal smoke detectors will let you know when there is a fire, and you are close by, but the smart smoke detector will alert you if there is a fire no matter where you are. Buying the device might actually save you lots of money in case of a fire, and you are alerted early. Getting the device will give you some peace of mind even when you have traveled far from home.

The gadget is easy to install, and once the installation is completed, the app allows you to sync the smoke detector to your phone. You will receive an alert if any carbon monoxide levels or smoke is detected in the air. The device will alert you and other members present in the house or be linked to the smoke detector.

The popular type is the Nest Labs Nest Protect, readily available on Amazon at the price of about $185. The device is color-coded to show the level of threat, and that is helpful as you will know how to react to different levels of threats. The device is installed high up on the walls or the ceiling.


12. Smart water sensor


A smart leak detector is useful as it will alert you in case of water leakage before much damage is done. This will save you a lot of money that would be needed to repair the damages and pay the water bill. Detecting leakage early will prevent moisture accumulation and flooding that can even cause electrical damages.

After installing the device, it is linked to your phone or laptop and will send alerts when connected to Wi-Fi. Some intelligent systems will shut off the valves and prevent water drainage, which prevents much damage.

This smart home upgrade can connect with other smart home devices you have at your house for better results. Smart water sensors can also detect and notify in cases of freeze and high humidity.


13. Smart Entertainment


Smart home entertainment allows you to connect your devices to the entertainment system. You don’t need to go out to enjoy some good entertainment that you can get right into your house. The good thing is that the devices can be controlled remotely or wirelessly.

You can link your music to the sound system and let it play with a simple voice command. You can regulate the volume or change music or videos from your phone or tablet. You don’t need to be near the system for it to work.

Some of the best smart home entertainment devices you can look into include;

  • Logitech Harmony home hub
  • Amazon echo
  • Samsung HT-H5500W home theater system
  • Roomie remote
  • Wrap up


14. Hubitat


The Hubitat is the mother of smart home devices. It works as the central device allowing the other smart home devices to work harmoniously. It is compatible with most of the smart home devices so worry not when purchasing it.

The device is small, and it connects to the internet. The interesting part of the Hubitat is that it offers total privacy while using the internet. The other gadgets connect directly to the Hubitat, and it connects them to the internet. The device is local and can be used if the internet is off since it stores data. It will protect you from hackers or any accounts and people trying to get your personal data.

Hubitat is an essential device if you have data or information stored on the internet worth protecting.


15. Eve aqua


This is the smart home device you should buy if you feel lazy and find it inconveniencing to wake up early in the morning and start the sprinklers. The Eve aqua works with most sprinkles as it just needs to be attached, and via the internet, you can link it to your phone. Watering your lawns should be as easy as a voice command or a touch of a button on your phone or tablet. The device is smart, and it allows you to set up the time and amount of water that should be used to water the lawn.

The Eve aqua with access to the internet will adjust its watering schedule based on the weather and climate change. Controlling the amount of water used will save you some cash on your water bill. Conserving water is a huge plus to the environment.

The smart home devices will save you a lot of money, like the smart smoke detector and the smart water detector, but most of the devices are environmentally friendly. They will conserve energy, are easy to install and don’t require professional assistance, are affordable, are user-friendly, and can be accessed via other devices linked to them like your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or home computer.

Most of the apps you are required to download are free and easy to use. The devices allow you to set up your setting, and the smart devices save the schedules and follow them unless the change is necessary.

There are more smart home devices available in the market now in the year 2020, and most have been modified over the years and have features that will blow your mind. If you are looking for new ways to improve your home and better your life, the smart home device is the way to go.

There are varieties of gadgets from different companies, and each has features different from the other, and it just gets better. Smart home is the thing now, and each smart home improvement will prove to you that was money well spent. Don’t be left behind; keep up!